Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DMV Rant

I have changed my address online TWICE yet the DMV continues to mail important paperwork to my old address! Thankfully I still have family living there otherwise I would've never received my vehicle registration renewal and the next time I got pulled over I'd be f*cked! I called to verbally assault someone about the situation and was told I have to change my vehicle address separately! Their system isn't "that advanced" to change both. So I go to change my vehicle address online and receive an error message that it will not be changed. I wanna punch someone in the face right now! Who's with me?

Dreaming big,
Crystal Haines


  1. Oooh I hate it when companies act like this! SO annoying - I am actually doing an exam on this topic today (studying marketing)!

  2. DMV is always annoying to go too...! Nice writing!


  3. UGH, I feel ya. DMV has the tendency to annoy me at times. We all have those days...


  4. sometimes i think the DMV is evil. what a pain!