Friday, June 24, 2011


Had our 1st indoor shoot Wednesday! I could get used to air-conditioning... especially during the summer months! After a couple helpful Photoshop tips from my pal Tiffany over at Rock Paper Vintage the photos turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself. A little photoshop goes a long way! ;)

I'm also happy to announce we have a new model Anaïs Godard! Excited for our 1st shoot next Friday! The times they are a changing...

Dreaming big,
Crystal Haines

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer of Vintage Love $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Our Summer of Vintage Love $100 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY with Bonjour Vintage starts today! To ENTER:

1. "Like" us on Facebook.
2. "Share" us with your friends.
3. Comment on our wall.

BONUS ENTRY if you comment on Bonjour Vintage's wall too!

Winner announced July 4th. Good luck!

Dreaming big,
Crystal Haines

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I made an announcement on Facebook recently that this month (June) will be our last Monthly $25 Gift Card Giveaway. This summer we're going to spice things up a bit with JOINT GIVEAWAYS with some of our favorite vintage shops, JEWELRY GIVEAWAYS, CLOTHING GIVEAWAYS, more GIFT CARD GIVEAWAYS & much more! What other types of giveaways would you like to see? Cast your votes here!

Dreaming big,
Crystal Haines

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ME Time

I woke up this morning afternoon and said to myself "I feel like bloggin!" That has never happened before. But I hope it continues! I only have a little bit of work to get done today and then I'm finally gonna have some ME time! And what do I like to do with my ME time? Grocery shopping! Ooo! I know, exciting stuff! What isles will I venture down? What will be on sale? How much will I spend? So many twists and turns and cliffhanger endings! Don't worry... I promise not to keep you updated on my grocery store adventures. All this food talk is makin me hungry for breakfast lunch.

Dreaming big,
Crystal Haines

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


WHOLESALE UPDATE! My very 1st wholesale order arrived today and I've already sold 3 rings! If all goes well I'll be placing an even bigger order in no time! I can't wait to venture into clothing and shoes next! How exciting!

WEBSITE UPDATE! We're still working out the kinks but our GRAND RE-OPENING is fast approaching! I'm looking forward to stocking the e-shelves with amazing vintage & NEW items! I've saved the very best of the best for the website!

Dreaming big,
Crystal Haines

Friday, April 29, 2011

Grand Re-Blogging

I'm back! With all the new & exciting changes that are about to happen at Trashy Vintage it just made sense to pick up the keyboard again. I'm not a super chatty gal so you may find this blog to be a little less wordy and a little more picture heavy... but a picture's worth 1000 words, right?

We're getting ready for the long overdue Grand Re-Opening of our website! The layout is almost complete and we're about to start stocking the e-shelves so to speak. Even more exciting is this time around we'll be stocking both vintage & new items! I consider my style to be bold, minimalistic & classic so you'll find must-have on-trend pieces that are actually wearable! Why reinvent the wheel?

Hunting for wholesale is not an easy task as I'm quickly learning. Unless of-course you're into this sort of thing...

I didn't think so. And so the hunt continues! I'll keep you posted on our progress and the Grand Re-Opening! We've got a long road ahead of us but we're excited!

Dreaming big,
Crystal Haines