Saturday, February 4, 2012

We're Baaaaack!

Frank and I had so much fun on our cruise! First stop was Catalina Island. We rented a golf cart to cruise around the island, got coffee and checked out the shops. That night we got dressed up and I had the most delicious lobster I've ever tasted! I was feeling adventurous so I ordered alligator fritters too! I ate a reptile! Next stop was Ensenada Mexico. It pretty much looked like downtown LA. Lol. We took a tour bus to La Bufadora and ate authentic asada and fish tacos! We spent Thursday at sea relaxing on the ship and eating way too much! And I'm happy to report... I did not get sea sick! Yay!

Catalina Island:

View from the golf cart scenic route.

The Carnival Inspiration.

Creepy playhouse.

Our golf cart.

The Carnival Inspiration.

Frank and I on Catalina Island.

The Lido deck.

Goodbye Catalina!

Hitchhiking Seagull.

Too close for comfort.


Ensendada Mexico:

La Bufadora Ensendada Mexico.

La Bufadora Ensendada Mexico.

Fish tacos! Mmm...

Dreaming big,
Crystal Haines


  1. yay for no seasickness, a relaxing time, & pretty photos! i've touched alligators, but haven't eaten them. did it taste like chicken? ;)

    1. The flavor of the batter overpowered the alligator so I'm not sure what it would have tasted like on its own.

  2. Oh wow, looks like such a wonderful trip! Jealous. ;)

  3. I bet that you had the best time! It looks beautiful.
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  4. these pictures are absolutely dreamy, so jealous... I want a vacation like this!


  5. how amazing! i´m from Ensenada, México and la bufadora it´s a beautiful place where you can eat a lot and see the ocean

  6. Love these photos! makes me wanna go on a vacation. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.